Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Pen Pals
Pen pals are an interesting way to make new friends and learn unknown facts. There's a whole lot of excitement about making pen friends. We wait in anticipation about receiving letters from new friends that we make. Even if we don't get to see them, their letters open a whole new world in front of us. Their letters are almost like pictures, opening windows to a world, that is unknown to us.

Making pen friends is quite easy. You can make a considerable number of pen friends by using the internet, in magazine columns, newspapers, through clubs or special interest groups. People become pen pals by similar interests and hobbies. There are even pen pal clubs and associations. They exchange gifts and letters, and some of these friendships even last for lifetime! Pen pals open the door for diverse cultures and lifestyles. For many, making pen pals is a way to fight loneliness and boredom. Some pen pals even meet face to face and cement their friendship forever. So, if you are lonely or you wanna make new friends, why not try making a couple of pen friends of similar interests? Friendship Day is the perfect day to launch the start of a new friendship!

Send this e-greetings to your pen pals on Friendship Day!

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