Monday, July 2, 2007
Friendship Day Fun

Lots of wishes and a huge applause to all my friends out there! I can't wait to celebrate Friendship Day with my dearest pals. Friends and Friendship have been valued around the world since the beginning of civilization. It's a day when we wish all our friends and acknowledge their love and valuable role in our lives. We all love to make friends. Some are lucky to have many friends, right from their school days. However, not everyone is lucky to have true friends. Real friends are always very rare. If you do not have enough friends, you can now make many new friends and contacts through online communities like Orkut, Friendster, Facebook, Zorpia, Fropper and many more. These online friends communities are becoming increasingly popular these days, with options to make friends from various interests and cultures.

With Friendship Day approaching fast(Aug 5th), you can make plans from now on. Think how you want to enjoy the day with your friends. Spend Friendship Day with as much fun you can. If you have friends who live near by, invite them over to your place and organize a fun house party or a sleepover party with yummy food and drinks. Play your friends' favorite music or movies and enjoy a gala time. Make sure to call and greet all your friends. Alternatively, you can send a sweet text message, cards, flowers, or even cute gifts.This Friendship Day, you can have fun with friends in a lot of ways. Here's how:

* Go out for a picnic to some nearby park or some exotic place you've been thinking to visit of late. Pack some tasty snacks, coolers, and dry fruits in baskets for a cool outdoor lunch.

* Watch a nice movie or a play at your favorite theater in the evening. Finish off with a great dinner at a restaurant.

* Hit the beaches with friends and enjoy a nice swim, or simply have a beach party complete with bonfire and games.

* Dress up in your best clothes and go for something you and your friends really enjoy, like bowling, river-rafting, golf, baseball, boating, bungee-jumping, long drives or water parks.

Most importantly, don't forget to take a camera and click lots of photos. Take photos of your friends and the places you visit, because these make for a lovely memory!