Thursday, April 19, 2007
A Friendship Memento!!
The friendship memento preserves special times spent with treasured friends. It's a perfect project for the end of the school year and a great project for friends to do together.


1. Buy a blank book or special scrapbook pages and a scrapbook binder or cover.
2. Dedicate a page or section in the book to each friend that you want to include.
3. Sort through photographs, notes, letters, ticket stubs, souvenirs, cards and other items that remind you of each particular friend.
4. Use the items to create interesting collages on the pages.
5. Add handwritten or typed words. Examples: "Our Favorite Hangout" and "On May 2, 2000, we took a road trip." Use phrases that have meaning to the two of you: "Cool, dude!"
6. Frame photos with scrapbook paper to dress them up. Add decorations such as paper shapes or designs.
7. Ask each friend to write a description of his or her favorite time spent with you and include these descriptions in the book.
8. Make a special cover for each friend's section in the book by drawing or creating an illustration of his or her name.
9. Design a cover for the book and call it "Special Friends," "Cherished Moments" or some other title that has meaning to you both.


* Be sure to use acid-free supplies so that your book will last.
* Use a color copy machine to copy the pages and give each friend copies of his or her own section of the book.
* This book is also a nice way to remember people you have dated.
* Suggest this project to middle school or high school kids.


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