Wednesday, April 11, 2007
A symbol of Friendship

A great relationship like friendship needs no definition or representation. But then also, since we humans like to give our own definitions to every thing we have assigned symbols for representation of the platonic relationship of friendship also. These symbols of friendship give a nice touch to the pious relationship of friendship by taking us on the trail of unity, friendliness and closeness.

We here bring to you certain symbols assigned by the human race to the spiritual relationship of friendship in order to provide a touch of beauty to this relationship between tow or more human souls.

Jade Plant
Many people have not heard about the Jade plant being the symbol of friendship. It is a succulent plant, which has small pink or white flowers. According to a misconception this plant is sometimes taken to be a 'money plant' also. These plants offer a nice picture of the relationship of friendship as its leaves, which are green in color, signify the joy and energy related with friendship and its flowers offer the fragrance of friendship.
Friendship Bracelets
A very common symbol of friendship is said to be friendship bracelets. There are a whole lot of friendship bracelets available in the market nowadays from which you can select the best friendship bracelet depending upon your taste and your budget. According to an old tradition the band if received should be worn on the wrist until it falls off naturally. The main logic behind this is that your friend paid for the band with his hard earned money and hence you should honor it by wearing it until it falls off.
A Promise Ring
A promise ring is given as a form of commitment in the friendship. These promise rings have been used as a symbol of friendship since time immemorial. Nowadays there are a number of friendship promise rings available in the market. These promise rings are available in various sizes and colors.

Friendship Stones
Friendship stones are a symbol of the happiness and joy, which the two friends share. These friendship stones as an appropriate symbol of friendship are supposed to bring luck and joy to a friendship. So next time when think of presenting any symbol of friendship to your friend then these friendship stones can be of great help to you.


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