Monday, April 16, 2007
Cliques and Friends!!
A clique is a small group of friends that is very picky about who can and cannot be a part of the group. While cliques are a great way to meet people and have a group of good friends, being on the outside of a clique may not be fun! Girls in cliques often leave out other girls on purpose, and members of cliques may bully girls who are not “cool enough.” If you are being picked on, try to meet new people and make friends with people who care about YOU. Remember, it is the quality of the friend that is important, not the quantity. And, if you are leaving someone else out, remember that this is hurtful.

There can also be a lot of peer pressure involved with cliques. You may feel like you need to do things like drink or do drugs to be included. If you do feel like you are being pressured, just remember that you have the right to say no! And, you also have the right to make new friends.


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